The warranty does not cover defects on the Product and any consequences thereof:

• Normal wear and tear, accident, cosmetic damage;

• Misuse or neglect;

• Electricity fluctuations, short circuits or use of incorrect voltage;

• Failure to provide adequate and necessary maintenance (including, without limitation, cleaning of heads, internal cavities, and user accessible filters);

• infestation by insects, parasites or viruses;

• Incorrect or incomplete software installation;

• Failure to comply with operating instructions, including due to overuse or overloading beyond the specified capacity limits;

• Use for purposes other than those for which the Product is intended;

• Humidity, exposure to extreme thermal conditions, or rapid change in such conditions, as well as corrosion, oxidation, food or liquid spillage, or chemical products, improper or leaking batteries;

• Unauthorized repairs in a location other than UAB "Metausta" Company or Authorized Service Center;

• The use of non-approved parts or materials not manufactured, supplied or approved by UAB "Metausta"or the use of third-party software or computer hardware, operating system problems, or configuration errors;

• Malfunctions or damage due to fire, lightning, flood, earthquake or other natural disasters, power failure, unexpected accidents, or any other external factors beyond the control of the manufacturer, the Product Sales Company or Authorized Service Center.

The serial number of the product is usually indicated on the device frame or near the power button.

Please describe the fault. The more detailed you do, the sooner we will be able to identify and fix the item's defects / defects.

Multiple files can be uploaded at a time. Available file formats (jpg, jpeg, png, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, mp4) Store files larger than 100MB in file storage (eg


Upload your purchase document. A copy of the cash receipt, bank card statement, money order receipt or other payment document.

Fill in if you purchased the item online



Please note that courier service or service specialist arrival may be charged!

If you would like to order our service specialist or courier pick up, fill in the address fields below.

Street, house and apartment number

Calling a service technician may be charged in the following cases:

- failure due to non-warranty causes;

- the failure is due to incorrect collection of the goods, when this service was not ordered by our service personnel;

- failure to activate, launch or otherwise set up the Product. The customer is not fully aware of the operating characteristics of the device;

Standard service charges apply for non-warranty repair:

- 1 hour - 50 EUR (Minimum 1 hour after the first hour is rounded to the nearest half hour. Hours start from the moment the customer signs the start of the service. The work ends after the customer signs the end of the work.) If two or more people need to travel, the rate is multiplied accordingly.

- 1km - 0.50 eur / cnt. The toll is added to the hourly rate. Service technician can be from Kaunas or Vilnius city. The toll is calculated only one way.

The customer is informed of the distance and the estimated time of work by email in advance of arrival. The repair specialist will only proceed after obtaining approval from the customer. The amount of time may vary during the course of work depending on the complexity. The customer may at any time request that work be stopped. This does not exempt from payment for work performed up to the moment of suspension and travel costs.

Why choose us:


Most of the products we keep in our warehouses, thats why you can get your order in shortest time.


It is a very easy way to place and pay for the order. We are offering a wide range of payment from bank transfer, cash on delivery or even leasing.


Our service department will take care of your sports equipment. Our products has at least 2 years warranty.

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