After purchasing defective goods, you have the right to return them to us within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of delivery.In case of defective goods, you money are being returned or product is replaced with product of the same value.

If you bought sport equipment of other products that are not food supplements, standard non-food products rules of warranty are valid. If you noticed any hidden product defects in your warranty period, please take a photo and send it to us ( as quickly as possible. Manufacturer will then identify if for that defect can be applied warrant. We will quickly inform you about manufacturer's decision to your given contacts.

If you want to return item to us (excluding warranty service), you need to inform about it to our contact telephone number. If item return cause is bad quality, we commit to change it to an item of a good quality or return your money back. Bad quality items are changed or returned using Lithuanian Republic Economy minister order No. 217 "Goods returning or changing rules" that was confirmed on 2001-06-29.

Good quality goods are returned in those situations when it conforms to Lithuania Republic Economy minister 2001-08-17 order No. 258 policy "Goods selling and services, when agreements are being made using means of communication". In this case you have to pay for returning goods transportation fee. If free delivery option was used when buying goods, goods delivery price will be calculated from the refund amount.

When returning goods, you have to comply to these conditions:

  1. Returning goods have to be in original package (this condition does not apply when you return item that has bad quality, except those cases when it is bad quality food supplement or hygiene item);
  2. Goods have to be undamaged by purchaser;
  3. Goods have to be in perfect condition: labels are not damaged, protective layers still in place (this doesn't count when goods are defected)
  4. Returned items must be in the same completion as it was received by the purchaser;
  5. When Returning the items, it is necessary to provide theacquisition of the document, warranty card (if it was issued separately) and return the completed product document so that your request will be granted.


If the item was purchased from a store, please specify.

Attach a copy of your cashier's check, bank statement, card receipt or other proof of payment for your purchase. (suitable jpg, jpeg, png, pdf photo formats)

Enter the items you want to return. Can refer url website link to item (-s)

Please add photos showing damages, packaging condition.


Once the item is delivered to the store, requests are processed more quickly.

If you have chosen to pick up the item by courier, enter the details of the pick-up location.

Street, house - flat number


Please specify a bank account where we should transfer the refund.


In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, we have 14 days to reply. However, we usually respond faster. We will contact you in case of any uncertainties.

We only consider fully and correctly completed returns.

Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania. Retail rules.

We follow the principles of fair trade and try to solve any problems in the customer's favor.

Why choose us:


Most of the products we keep in our warehouses, thats why you can get your order in shortest time.


It is a very easy way to place and pay for the order. We are offering a wide range of payment from bank transfer, cash on delivery or even leasing.


Our service department will take care of your sports equipment. Our products has at least 2 years warranty.

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