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Trampoline Safety Nets inSPORTline: Tubeless Trampoline Safety Net 366 cm - for 8 poles

Tubeless Trampoline Safety Net 366 cm - for 8 poles

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Replacement separate upper safety net for inSPORTline 366 cm trampoline


Replacement separate safety net for inSPORTline 366 cm trampoline is a suitable supplement in cases where there is a violent rupture or damage to your original safety net. In this case you do not have to buy the whole net including the stance construction, but you can buy this separate net, that you only put on the original construction and thus continue to ensure maximum safety when using the trampoline.

Safety net for inSPORTline trampoline with a diameter of 366 cm is a special strengthened net to prevent falls outside the action trampoline jumping area and to protect the user from possible injury. Thanks to the sophisticated technical design and high quality materials of both the net and the construction, this safety net meets the standards of EN -71 German testroom TÜV NORD and ASTM Internacional. The net is resistant to moisture and UV radiation and is therefore suitable for outdoor use. The entrance opening of the net is equipped with a zip that allows complete closure of the trampoline´s action area and ensures maximum safety.

Trampoline diameter
366 cm
Slide fastener
Number of bars
8 pcs
Safety net height
200 cm

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