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Cross Bars inSPORTline: Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline LCR1102

Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline LCR1102

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Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline LCR1102 is a multi-purpose bar, perfect for strengthening your back and arms. The pull-up bar is made of high-quality steel with a special resistant coating. There are anti-slip rubber caps on the handle tips to make your hold on the bar more comfortable. The bar’s weight limit is 120 kg. Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline LCR1102 is an ideal training equipment for exercising using your own weight and it is suitable mainly for home gyms.

Technical description:

  • Wall-mounted pull-up bar suitable for home gyms
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Solid and very durable
  • Anchored with four screws on each side (10 mm, included)
  • Material: non-alloy steel with a special coating
  • Grip material: moulded anti-slip rubber
  • Distance between the wall and the main bar: 29 cm
  • Grip diameter: 27 mm
  • Frame profile: 50x50 mm
  • Distance between inner grips: 54.5 cm
  • Distance between outer grips: 66 cm
  • Hole spacing for screws: 16x6 cm
  • Dimensions: L 97 cm x W 49 cm x H 20 cm
  • Weight limit: 120 kg
  • Suitable for home use
Maximum load
120 kg
20 cm
49 cm
97 cm
Pull-up bar type
Affixed with screws

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