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Extensions inSPORTline: Multi-Purpose Bar inSPORTline A421

Multi-Purpose Bar inSPORTline A421

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Multi-purpose pulley extension, revolving centre, 2 possible grips, great durability, long service life, suitable for all training equipment with either an upper or lower pulley.


Multi-Purpose Bar inSPORTline A421 is an optional accessory for all training equipment with an upper or lower pulley. The frame is made of durable steel, ensuring a long service life. There is an anti-slip pattern on the grips to make your hold on them firm and comfortable. This specifically shaped bar can be gripped in two ways, allowing for a wider range of available exercises. This way, you can strengthen your back muscles with an upper pulley or your biceps and triceps through rowing simulation on a lower pulley. The revolving centre ensures the movements are smooth and noiseless. All these attributes make Multi-Purpose Bar inSPORTline A421 a popular and sought-after item.


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