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Trampoline Safety Nets Spartan: Trampoline Safety Net Without Poles Spartan 366 cm - for 8 poles

Trampoline Safety Net Without Poles Spartan 366 cm - for 8 poles

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Safety Net is a necessary accessory for your and your children's safety.

A safety net for inSPORTline 366 cm trampoline that prevents falling off the trampoline and injuring. Top safety standard, owns certificate under the strictest world criteria. The safety net meets EN-71 norm of German TÜV NORD and ASTM Internacional test laboratories. For outdoor use.

- Heavy Duty galvanized steele non corrosive profile tubes
-extremely durable and UV resistant
-net height: 2 m, diameter: 366 cm
-stability and resistance is ensured by 8 frame tubes which are fixed to the trampoline construction and stand on ground
-entrance hole with zip and safety lock
-easy to fix
-high quality with long-service-life
-all replacement parts in stock
Trampoline diameter
366 cm
Slide fastener
Number of bars
8 pcs
Safety net height
200 cm

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