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The Aerobie DOGOBIE is made of soft and flexible material which is sensitive and absolutely safe for a dog muzzle and mouth. Moreover, it is resistant to tearing or biting. It is flexible and can be easily caught by the dog jaws while flying or being on the earth. Both you and your dog will enjoy much fun with this product. It is well storable. You can easily fold it and stack in a backpack not decreasing its perfect fly qualities. Movement and fun is important for both you and your dog. Aerobie DOGOBIE is combination of softness, durability and stability. Thanks to the Spoiler Rim, even a beginner can throw it properly. Enjoying the playing you will not notice your higher activity. Aerobie DOGOBIE flies smoothly and exactly due to improved Spoiler rim. Thanks to this improvement the lifting force is concentrated in the middle during flying and makes the fly stable. Thanks to its softness and flexibility, it can be used by children in the age 5+.

Technical parameters:

  • Soft material, sensitive to dog teeth and jaws
  • Resistant to tearing and biting
  • Non-toxic
  • Flexible, easy to lift from earth
  • Available in yellow and blue to be well distinguished by dogs
  • Spoiler Rim
  • Doesn’t float in water
  • Transportable and flexible
  • Diameter 20 cm, Weight 93 g ideal for most dogs
  • Recommended age 5+
  • Made in the USA

93 g

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