Pagrindinis | Magnetic Necklace inSPORTline Gemo |
Pagrindinis | Magnetic Necklace inSPORTline Gemo |
Pagrindinis | Magnetic Necklace inSPORTline Gemo |
Pagrindinis | Magnetic Necklace inSPORTline Gemo |
Pagrindinis | Magnetic Necklace inSPORTline Gemo |
Pagrindinis | Magnetic Necklace inSPORTline Gemo |

Magnetic Necklace inSPORTline Gemo

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Elegant magnetic necklace with a pendant decorated with zircons. -

Magnetic Necklace inSPORTline Gemo is a truly multi-purpose accessory. Its special manufacturing process and the high quality of materials used will satisfy any user. Silicone and surgical steel are suitable for people with allergies. Two neodymium magnets (1600 gauss) are made of an alloy consisting of one fifth boron and four fifths neodymium. They are made in small sizes and release small amount of energy while you wear them. The magnets are set into the back side of the pendant and carefully affixed using a special glue with a protective glazed layer. They are washable, and you don’t need to worry about them falling off. The necklace can be worn every day. There are 9 small zircon crystals forming a vertical line in the middle of the pendant, with properties helping in cases of insomnia, vertigo and nausea. The silicone band is smooth with a circular diameter and secure snap hook fastening. With its low weight and causal elegance, Magnetic Necklace inSPORTline Gemo improves your concentration at work or while playing sports. It has also beneficial effects in cases of degenerative and inflammatory diseases.

Neodymium magnets have a number of beneficial effects. The unique mix of four technologies – magnet therapy, infrared radiation, negatively charged ions and germanium – gives the jewellery a priceless range. They increase the oxygen levels in blood, stabilize blood pressure and help release toxins from the system. They have analgesic properties and relieve aching joints and muscles, toothache, headache (migraines) and menstrual pains. They also reduce swellings and fasten regeneration, all the while effectively dealing with muscle and tendon injuries (tennis elbow, Achilles heel). Magnetic Necklace inSPORTline Gemo is, thanks to its position around the neck, very effective against neck and shoulder pain caused by wrong movements, injuries or stress. It reduces the user’s susceptibility to catching a cold or suffering from a respiratory infection, allergies or asthma. It influences the nervous system and positively affects functions of the brain and spinal cord. The necklace helps release tension, regulates alfa and beta brain waves, removes static electricity from the body and improves psychosomatic balance. The magnets do not substitute medical care; however, they are a suitable accessory in such matters.

Technical description:

  • Top-quality magnetic necklace
  • Quality manufacture
  • Stylish design
  • Silicone band (safe for human health)
  • Surgical steel 316L
  • 9 zircons
  • 2 pcs of neodymium magnets
  • Weight: 12 g
  • Suitable for women
  • Not suitable for nursing or pregnant women
  • Cannot be used by people with a pacemaker
  • Gift box


Magnetic necklaces are not suitable for pregnant women and people with pacemakers. If you have artificial joints, metal screws or artificial organs, consult your GP about using magnetic accessories.

Surgical steel
Prekės svoris be įpakavimo, kg:
12 g
Type of jewellery
Number of magnets
2 pcs
Magnet type
Gift box

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